Refer a friend

At MSB & Co we recognise that most of our new business comes through recommendation. If you would like to recommend us to someone you know please don't forget to tell us you sent them, or complete the form below, as we now pay commission to any existing client who introduces a new client to our practice subject to the terms and conditions:

Refer a friend

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Terms and conditions

In order to qualify for MSB & Co's client referral commission programme the following terms and conditions will apply:

The "referrer" relates to the person that is recommending MSB and Co to their friend or colleague.

The "referee" relates to the person that is being referred by the "referrer".

  • The referrer must already be a client of MSB & Co in order to be eligible for the client referral commission programme. Referral fees will not be paid to clients with overdue fees outstanding on their account, in such cases the commission will be credited to reduce the clients debt.
  • The referrer must have the permission of the person they are referring.
  • MSB and Co must not already have received details of the referee prior to the referral or have the referee on MSB & Co's database.
  • The responsibility remains with the referrer to contact MSB & Co to claim their commission.
  • Commissions of up to £100 will be paid by cheque to the referrer where all terms and conditions have been met, and once MSB & Co is satisfied that the referee will remain a client to the extent that chargeable work may be carried out.
  • MSB & Co has the right to change the type of reward at any time without prior notice or explanation.
  • MSB & Co reserves the right to end the programme at any given time without prior notice or explanation.
  • Eligibility for the programme is at MSB & Co's discretion and its decision is final.
  • MSB & Co has the right to not accept the referee as a client and in such circumstances the referrer will not be entitled to commission.
  • This programme is not open to employees of MSB & Co.
  • This programme is effective from 1st April 2013 and MSB & Co reserves the right to terminate the programme at any time.
  • By receiving the commission the referrer accepts full responsibility for declaring the commission to any applicable third party and paying any applicable personal tax and National Insurance.